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5 Important Facts That Many Don’t Know About Robotic Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaning Robot

When it comes to cleaning a swimming pool, everyone hates to do it. So, most people end up paying someone else to do it.  This can get expensive quickly, as most pool cleaning services charge up to $100 a month.

However, it doesn’t actually have to be this difficult or expensive – if you use your own robotic pool cleaner.

These are some of the best tools ever made, but what are the top five things you should know about robotic pool cleaners before you buy?

Robotic Pool Cleaners Are Great Value for Money

Let’s be honest, a robotic cleaner of any kind can end up costing a couple of thousand dollars – but even still, this isn’t as bad bad price as you might think.

The reason is because robotic cleaners are inherently more efficient and take less time to clean than traditional hose-fed pool cleaners – like the old Polaris units.

old polaris pool cleaner

old Polaris hose-fed pool cleaner

There are no additional expenses to worry about when it comes to buying a robotic pool cleaner, and the money is repaid because it saves a lot of money in the long run due to its energy efficiency. This can be important.

Know the Different Models

Every pool cleaner is different and that does mean there are lots of different models and programs that are available with robotic pool cleaners.

It is important to understand the different hydraulic pressure systems available on the cleaner, as well as the various suction options and programmable cleaning modes. Owners absolutely need to understand what is available before they buy so they get a good model. No one wants to buy a cleaner that doesn’t work for them.

Pool Cleaning Robot

Robotic Cleaners Can Run Autonomously

One of the most important and obvious facts to learn is that these cleaners are automatic. In basic terms, they clean and run on their own so that no one really needs to do much work themselves. That can be great because it means cleaning pools is much simpler.

Of course, some of the programs need to be set in order for them to run fully but in most cases, the cleaners will submerge under water and clean without any intervention from the owner.

Save Time When Cleaning

The time in which most robotic cleaners take to finish the job is actually very short. This can be wonderful because it does mean that no one really has to wait or spend two or three hours cleaning a pool as this does it all in less time. It is one of the biggest reasons why many love these cleaners but it isn’t well known in fact. Some people still think these cleaners take as long as normal cleaning methods when they are in fact faster.

Effective Cleaning Solution

It is always hard to get an effective cleaning option for a swimming pool unless a big company is employed to clean the pool. However, with a robotic cleaner, it does offer this unique and excellent cleaning solution. These tools are effective and they are going to offer a thorough cleaning solution too which is often very difficult to achieve.

Learn the Facts

Sometimes, people need to know the things they don’t quite understand in order to make an informed decision about using certain items. For those who aren’t sure about cleaners, they may want to learn some of the above points and decide whether this is the right tool for them to use. Robotic pool cleaners are actually good tools so why not consider them today?

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