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Improving Fireplace Efficiency with Wood, Gas and Electric Inserts

Napoleon Built in high efficiency fireplace

Who would not love a beautiful fireplace in their home?

A fireplace offers comfort or warmth for a home, but they can in fact be quite a pain in the neck to feed with wood and to maintain and clean. Unless the home has the right fireplace inserts.

With the right fireplace insert, your home can save money, you can save time chopping wood, and you can even help to improve the overall value and aesthetic appeal of your home.

However, it’s important to understand what fireplace inserts can and cannot do for you; what the different types of inserts are; and, how can we improve fireplace efficiency with wood, gas or electric fireplace inserts?

What Is A Fireplace Insert?

Fireplaces look nice, but that is not their sole purpose; they are also designed to heat a home.

fireplace insert is placed within a chimney of a home and is actually made from steel, so it is fireproof. The steel box forms a closed combustion chamber in which heat is trapped, feeding the circulation of warmth throughout the home.

Napoleon Built in high efficiency fireplace

Electric Inserts

These types of fireplace inserts are the least complicated to buy and install. They do not need a chimney in order to be installed and it’s probably one of the biggest and best reasons why the electric inserts are popular. However, the heat is basically made from the outlet when it is switched on rather than from gas or combustion within a chimney.

Using a Gas Insert

Homes built decades ago were mostly constructed with gas or wood fires in mind. Gas fire places are only possible for those who have access to natural gas supply, of course, but they also require a chimney in order to work effectively. If there is no chimney, then gas fireplace inserts will not be possible – because it needs to run with two tubes. One tube will suck in the air while the other is used as an exhaust.

Wood Inserts

These might not seem the best possible solution for those who want to heat their home, but actually, they can be a great solution for many. Although wood fires may not be as efficient as gas fireplace inserts, they do make a lovely addition to any home.

Which Is The Best Option?

Maximizing fireplace efficiency is always difficult, but not impossible.

If you can do it, choose a gas fireplace insert. Gas inserts are very good because they are extremely energy- and cost- efficient, produce no smoke, and the gas combusts within the chimney leaving no mess behind. This can be great for those who want a simple heating solution and these inserts can still look very nice and appealing.

Make Your Home Stand Out

Gas, wood, and electric can all be fantastic options to consider when it comes to improving the efficiency of a fireplace. However, every home is different and sometimes, homes need certain types of inserts because of their exterior building structure. Remember to get fireplace inserts that stand out and make your home look lovely and become effective in heating the home too.

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