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How To Clean Your Window Air Conditioners At Home

Window Air Conditioners

During summer months, when air conditioners in your homes are in constant use, whether a room air conditioner (A/C) Unit or a window air conditioner, a lot of dust accumulates inside the premises. To ensure that the unit performs well when needed for that cooling breeze, regular checks and cleaning are essential. This will prevent air conditioners from breaking down, causing unbearable discomfort and high utility bills.

Many people don’t like cleaning window air conditioners at home as they consider it such a tedious task. Servicing window air conditioners, which should be done twice a year, assuming you want to save money on air conditioner cleaning cost and refrain from hiring professional cleaners, who charge you a large service fee.

Professional cleaners will always advise against doing A/C cleaning yourself. They will tell you that things like wadded paper, spray cleaners and paper towels or dry newspapers when used by amateurs, only end up making the conditioners look worse. Later on, this will divert your attention entirely.

Window Air ConditionersThey will say that rubbing is not a good idea and that you’re just shifting dirt from one place to another.

To understand quickly what goes on, it’s easy to assume that warm air from the ordinary window A/C would signal a drop in the refrigerant. This is the liquid that circulates inside the coil and controls the temperature. But usually, it’s not the cause. Whenever critical components like the condenser coil and the evaporator are clogged, the unit will stop blowing cold air, because of the lack of service. Calling upon a professional cleaner will cost you dollars on cleaning as well as their visiting charges.

Setting aside about one hour, and a few dollars worth of supplies and consulting the user manual if need be, anybody can service a window air conditioner at home. In any case, if you get entangled in the wiring or jam a spanner, you can call a professional, or for those who can afford a new unit, buy one. Here are some tips on to how you can clean your window air conditioners at home.

Cleaning Air Conditioners At Home

-Items Needed: Tools. Two cans coil cleaners. Portable vacuum cleaner

The parts of an air conditioner that are most likely to get dirty are the cooling fan, the evaporator, and the condenser coils. You can save money by cleaning them by yourself. Below is a step by step guide:

-Wear gloves to prevent cutting yourself

-Using your toolkit, remove the plastic filter pane. You may need help because it’s heavy. Slide it from the wall. Detach the case from the mounting frame.

-Use a fine comb to straighten the bent cooling fins.

-Vacuum both coils targeting the build-up areas

-To clean the coil, put on gloves and goggles. Pour coil cleaner into the spray bottle.

-Mix solution with water. Avoid applying mixture to other parts, like controls.

-Use a clean cloth to cover the electricals

-Allow solution to produce foam

-Spray foam generously and then cover the entire coil and fins.

-Leave the solution to stay for 15 – to 20 minutes to break down all dirt

Algae And Mold Need To Dissolve

-Drain water from the pan and allow the conditioner to dry. Leave either sun or air to dry the conditioners.

-Let all controls that got wet to dry too.

-Spray both coils with cleaner a second time

-Let the foam work.

-Use a rag and household cleaner to scrub fan blades

-For fan motors with plastic or rubber ports, apply drops of motor oil

1.Wash air filter

2.Re-install unit.

Window Air Conditioners

If you own a different type of air conditioner than the common ones in the market, for instance, a heat pump system of a horizontally mounted unit in your attic, you can still clean it since most have an evaporator and a condenser, which are the most active parts in an air conditioner. Using the manufacturer’s manual can also come in handy for your particular model.

Ultimately, a professional will be needed at some stage to check on electrical parts and the levels of coolant. Also, some guidance will be provided on how to maintain air conditioning systems. It is preferred to invite professionals after every two-three years to check system compliance. Hopefully, above information will be useful to you when it comes to cleaning your window air conditioners.

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