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Life Saving Kitchen Design Tips for Today’s Homeowner

redesigning your kitchen

The “golden triangle” or kitchen work triangle identifies the perfect areas of the kitchen cooktop, sink, and refrigerator. Placing these three significant kitchen appliances in such a manner that a line could be drawn from one side to another and form a triangle shape, is believed to be the perfect kitchen set-up. Let explore how this kitchen work triangle work, learn its efficiency and decide whether it is the correct design for your kitchen.

The Work Triangle in the Modern Kitchen

We can find a lot of examples of the work triangle in the kitchen. Kitchens today are usually much larger and contain additional must-have appliances such as dishwashers, microwaves, and extra pantry storage. Because kitchens are big, islands are a favorite characteristic of the modern kitchen. Most expert kitchen architects will still employ some semblance of an office triangle or set two separate triangles. Specialists note that today’s kitchen isn’t longer a solitary workplace. As families and couples work together in the kitchen, and as social activities occur in the kitchen, the requirement to change this office triangle has changed.

Want To Redesign Your Kitchen?

If you are attempting to envision an upgraded version of your kitchen, it could be useful for you to do an efficiency analysis of your own space.  Consider how you use your kitchen today and how you want to utilize your dream kitchen.

Be sensible about your own kitchen habits: are you a regular cook?

Is there regularly more than one cook in the kitchen?

How frequently do you use the stove or the oven?

How much refrigeration do you desire versus dry storage?

Creating a list of priorities in addition to everyday actions can help you determine the traffic flow of your dwelling.

You may discover that isolating your cooktop and your oven can enable the efficiency of your activities. Or perhaps moving away from your pantry from the fridge allows for greater movement inside the kitchen. Maybe you want to install one office triangle for the children (such as a mini-fridge, second microwave, and sink) and another triangle for you. Whether you intend on hiring an expert kitchen architect or working yourself, understanding the purpose of this golden triangle can allow you to design the ideal kitchen for you and your loved ones.

Today’s kitchens are usually the heart of any home. Hence, thorough planning must ensure a kitchen that is both beautiful and extremely functional. Here are 27 tips to consider when remodeling your kitchen.

Inconvenient kitchen appliance structures

Kitchen appliances should not be placed too high or too low. Consider your height — the best is at the level of your waist. By way of example, it’s far better to place your oven off the ground so that you don’t burn yourself when you are taking things from it.

Heavy drawers on thin walls

You may put drawers and shelves on load-bearing walls only. A plasterboard wall will not bear such heavyweight, so don’t risk it.

Inconvenient sinks

The main things about sinks are usability and convenience. If you have always enjoyed round sinks, do not purchase a square one, it is going to annoy you. A sink should be spacious and be manufactured of materials able of confronting high temperatures. It’s also vital to choose the right size: specialists feel that the ideal depth is 7 in.

Empty corners

It is essential to use all corners, especially when it comes to little rooms. Rotating trays can quickly replace broken drawers. Folding doors are quite expensive, but they are really indispensable: you will have the ability to use all of the areas inside.  Corner and diagonal drawers are also a fantastic solution. You might even place an oven or a sink there but do not forget about employing great lightning.

Extra seams on a backsplash

A glass sheet backsplash seems remarkably excellent, and that’s why a lot of men and women love it. But remember that dust and dirt will always get behind the glass. Additionally, if you would like to save money and purchase cheap glass, then it may get cracks and scratches.

Because of this, your kitchen will look untidy.  In case you still wish to use glass, order a long piece of it. The glass should not be broken into sheets.  The most dependable and durable backsplash is made from toughened glass. Don’t attempt to save on materials.

Not enough light

Light is vitally important. Light kitchens look big, but if your drawers are of a darker shade, do not forget to purchase additional lamps. It’s suggested to install several lights: the main light from above, the light directly above the countertop, and a gorgeous lamp over the dining table.

It’s also critical to set all sockets in the right (and most comfortable) way. The more natural light your kitchen gets, the more suitable it is to cook.

No plinth

Consider if you want to clean underneath your cabinets, most of us do not. So consider adding a plinth, you do not have to clean under all of the cabinets and it eliminates the dust and items which get lost there. What is more, is your kitchen looks tidier with this 5-inch plank.

No spaces between appliances

Buffer zones are the areas between a refrigerator, a sink, and an electric stove. They are a must because you take products from the fridge, wash them and then cook.

It’s also not advisable to place an oven directly next to a refrigerator: your fridge may break sooner. Due to high temperatures, the refrigerator works harder to maintain its cold temperature. To protect your stove from water, do not put it right near a sink.

Inappropriate flooring in the kitchen

Though laminate flooring is actually popular, do not place it in the kitchen as it might rise due to water. If you set down tiles, your kitchen will not look as comfy as your feet will always feel cold, and your pans and pots may crack if they fall down.  We recommend mixing tiles and thermally altered wood. Set tiles right close to the countertop and place thermally transformed wood in the dining room area.

Eliminate useless steps

Consider how and where you manage things. Store breakfast bowls and foods near the breakfast table. Keep plastic bottles and wraps in a nearby place next to a work area for winding leftovers. Place flatware and dishware close to the dishwasher to facilitate the process of unloading.

Design wide walkways

Ways into a kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide. For a one-cook kitchen, paths inside the cooking zone should be 42 inches wide and for a two-cook configuration, 48 inches wide. When planning, fix kitchen peninsulas and islands respectively.

Direct traffic

For kid-friendly kitchen layouts, keep the cooktop from traffic areas, so kids do not grab handles and trigger spills when running through. Additionally, make the fridge accessible to both passersby and people working in cooking and cleanup areas.

Find the Ideal height for your microwave

The right height and place for a microwave oven might vary based upon the chef or the kid-friendly character of the kitchen. For adults, 15 inches over countertop level is a fantastic microwave length. For children, a below-countertop setup might be reliable and more convenient.

Consider the countertops

Chefs who prefer to cook need more counter space — ideally involving the range and sink — compared to those who cook who prepare simple meals. Additionally, integrating two countertops makes baking more comfortable and helps children that take part in meal preparations.

Arrange the range

Put a shelf beside or behind the stove to keep cooking utensils,  spices, and oils, handy. Set S-hooks on the front of the stove hood to hang commonly used pots and pans.

Fill it up

Tired of lugging water-filled jars from the sink into the cooktop? A swing-out faucet installed near the cooktop fills pans near where you heat them. Or you could set up a long hose attachment on your primary faucet to fill containers on the cooktop.

kitchen redesign options

Be sharp when storing knives

Hang knives onto a magnetic strip tacked into the backsplash. This makes it easy to spot the ideal knife for work and keeps harmful items out of children’s reach.

Make recycling simple

Get a cabinet with different containers for plastic, glass, and metal. An extra drawer could keep old papers.

Think short

Keep kids’ favorite meals and snack on shelves, they could reach.

Set up a message center

Set a message center close to the kitchen telephone. Set a chalkboard or whiteboard, bulletin board, on the wall, and save a calendar, some writing tools and notebook in a nearby drawer.

Plug it in

Install several sockets along with the backsplash and on the island so you will have electricity wherever you want it.

Reduce cleaning time

Thoughtful design decisions make cleaning effortless. Glass refrigerator shelves grab spills that wire shelves allow within. Flush-set or under-mount sinks do not have a crumb-catching line to be worried about. Matte coatings do not show dirt as much as shiny ones do.

Break up cabinetry cubes

Avoid dull, heavy blocks of drawers and doors with the addition of interesting details such as glass doors and display shelving. Or try wine windows or storage.

Use light colors in a small kitchen

Dark color designs contract an already little space and make it less appealing. Use soft colors on kitchen cabinets and natural lighting to visually expand a room.

Find a focal point

Splashy tile, fancy flooring, the large variety of hoods, shiny kitchen cabinets, and dynamic countertop designs provide the eye an appealing look. Select one focal point in your kitchen layout and match that area with some other quieter, eye-catching information.

Consider landing space

When planning your kitchen, let 15 inches of counter on either side of a refrigerator and cooktop. The landing area is also necessary close to the microwave.

Ascertain the island’s purpose

When it comes to kitchen islands the design supports function. If you wish to cook and eat in kitchen islands, plan enough distance, so the cooktop is safely separated from the dining area.

Your kitchen is one of the comfortable, frequently used space in your dwelling, so it needs to be convenient and multi-functional.

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