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National Margarita Day Is February 22 And You Need A Margarita Party Machine

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We review appliances and this is probably the most fun appliance we like to review for our readers.  Every year in America we celebrate National Margarita Day, and for 2018 it is on Thursday, February 22.  Many restaurants will have margarita drink specials to lure the public in, however, why not have your party at home!  It is not that difficult to organize something when you have one of these margarita machines to make all the drinks for you.  People can bring a Mexican food or Latin food dish to share, and all you have to do is add the fun margarita drinks.

Margaretville offers many models for each different need, from small battery-powered lightweight frozen drink designers to commercial-grade machines that produce three flavors at a time. Their Bahamas, Key Western world, Fiji, and Bali models are the most popular margarita machines sold today.

Here we review several machines so you can make an informed decision and use this as a guide to buying a frozen concoction machine.

Buying Guide For 6 Margarita Party Machines

Margaretville Bahamas DM0500

The Bahamas is the entry level Margaretville machine. It offers you all the essential functions you should be churning out 36 oz. Batches of your preferred frozen delight – with restaurant quality.  The ice tank on the DM0500 contains enough glaciers to make one full pitcher at a time, which will support a celebration of up to 6-8 people.

Automatic shave+mix as well, manual shave and manual mix modes can be found.

If you are seeking to make restaurant-style freezing drinks, smoothies, and margaritas at the lowest cost possible, then your Bahamas model is your very best choice.

2 margarita drinks

Margaretville Key Western DM1000

Stepping up a notch, the Margaretville Key West gives you all the basic functions provided by the Bahamas. However, the drinking reservoir holds two pitchers of one frosty beverage or enough for 12-16 people.

Furthermore, a useful drink selector enables you to select 1,2 or 3 3 drinks.

Margaritaville Fiji DM2000

The Margaritaville Fiji gives adaptive blending with an already great frozen drink maker and ups the ante to 2 1/2  pitchers. That is enough to keep a thirsty adult population happy. The intelligent blending function automatically adjusts the quickness and the pulse rate of the machine, depending on the types of drinks you are making.

Various kinds’ refreshments are pre-programmed, including ‘Ritas, Daiquiris, Slides, and Smoothies.

Margaritaville Bali DM3500

The Margaritaville Bali is the latest model from Margaritaville. It has been redesigned in several key areas.  The pitcher is now known as a chamber – which one will hold up to 60 ounces of whatever you want to mix.

Once combined, you can place your glass immediately under the spout and the auguring leading of the chamber to provide the drink right to your glass. No more pouring!  The advancements do not stop there!

margarita recipe

Margaritaville Tahiti DM3000

The Tahiti is the “top mama” in the Margaritaville collection.  This machine is for folks who need to produce a variety of freezing refreshments quickly and automatically. The Tahiti can make three full pitchers at the same time – enough to provide drinks for thirty people.

The Tahiti has three separate blending stations that are manipulated individually or in series. You could fill each blending jar with a new drink, hit the “on-switch” and the machine will combine each pitcher to perfection.

The DM3000 has a great rotating snow chute that is impressive and should be pointed out. When people do look carefully, they will notice the attention to fine detail and fine materials used in the development including prime bamboo solid wood, brushed aluminum coatings, and polished stainless. The Tahiti is worth being the centerpiece of any at home bar area or kitchen counter.

This margarita machine works great for small commercial adjustments and restaurants, too.

Source: Frontgate

Margaritaville Explorer DM900

The Explorer is Margaritaville’s battery-powered portable margarita machine. By using this margarita machine, you may take the party everywhere you want it to be, like RV’s, motorboats, tailgating,  and camping outings.  The Explorer’s 18V standard rechargeable battery retains enough capacity to combine up to 60 refreshments on a charge.

Pick up an extra battery, and you will not have to wait to recharge. So whether you like camping, lounging on the beach or relaxing on your pool deck, the Explorer will keep the party going.

So you see that after reading all these reviews there is a machine for most situations and hosting a margarita party at your house should be low stress and lots of fun!  Read more about these margarita machines here.


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