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Spring Cleaning Your Air Conditioner: Step By Step

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit is an essential component of your home.

Your fireplace and furnace keeps the home warm during winter, and the air conditioner is needed throughout summer.

Spring presents an excellent opportunity to clean up and freshen up your home, including inspecting and repairing your HVAC equipment – with a focus on air conditioning. Homeowners can do many air conditioner maintenance tasks without the help of an expert.

Inspection of Air Filters

air conditioner filter before and after

Vacuuming the filters under a faucet and replacing disposables should the first cleaning step in spring.

Air filters clean the air as it goes into the unit. For most homeowners, checking these components is easy and obvious. Normally, filters should be checked after every month. This is important because dirty filters may lower the efficiency of the system, or freeze it up. A clean filter is also important for healthy indoor air.

Checking Ductwork For Problems

HVAC duct before and after

Inspecting ductwork for exposure in the loft, attic, or basement is also easy for the homeowner. Presence of holes in the ductwork means that a lot of cooled air is lost to the outdoors. An immediate remedial action would be to cover the holes with caulk or duct tape. Dust, mildew, and mold may also build up and affect the ductwork. HVAC professionals have the necessary tools and skills to do the air conditioner maintenance in such instances.

Inspect Condition of Outdoor Unit

HVAC outdoor unit

The outdoor unit is as important as other components of the HVAC system. Air should flow through the unit without hindrance. Therefore, part of the spring clean-up is to remove leaves and shrubs from the unit. Winter snow may have rested on the unit, so it is also advisable to check tilt on the units. In case of a tilt, the system may lose some of its efficiency. Since the condensate should drain from the system continuously, air conditioner maintenance involves clearing debris from the drainage hole. An expert should check the fan blades and repair them if necessary.

Clean the Grills and Vents

air conditioning vent

Sometimes, register grills are covered by dirt, pet hair, or dust making the flow of air difficult. The homeowner should take the chance during spring to open and inspect the registers. He or she may want to clean the grills and make sure the vents are not covered to keep the efficiency of the system intact.

Thermostat and Detectors

The thermostats should also be checked for particles, and battery reliability. Particles on the component may affect its effectiveness and life. A Q-tip is a popular tool for clearing particles from the thermostat. While at it, the homeowner may also want to check whether carbon dioxide and smoke detectors are working.

Stuck? Hire a HVAC Technician

HVAC technician

While the homeowner can do most HVAC maintenance tasks, it can be important to call an experienced technician every spring for a thorough inspection of the system.

A trained and qualified HVAC technician will do the following tasks:
1. Clean the condensate hole
2. Clean the condenser coil
3. Refill the refrigerant in the air conditioner
4. Inspect all the electrical components of the system

Working with an expert in air conditioner maintenance ensures that the system undergoes the correct inspection and repair procedure during spring. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner is necessary for the system is to work efficiently and to last for many years.

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