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Top 10 Garage Cleaning and Repair Tips

nice clean garage

One of the most overlooked spaces in the house is your garage. 

In an ideal world, the garage has a variety of uses: it is home to our vehicles and can even be an ideal living space, where hobbies and home businesses are carried out.

However, the reality is that the garage is a neglected space where things that are not used or needed in the house are thrown. Over time, the clutter builds up and ruins an otherwise useful place for work, hobbies and recreation. Regardless of its use, cleaning and repairing your garage occasionally using the following tips will lengthen its life and make your home a more pleasant place to live.

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Garage Cleaning tips

Before you try to upgrade or repair your garage, start by de-cluttering and cleaning it. You might free-up some money for improvement or repairs.

  1. De-Clutter Your Garage

decluttered garage

If you want to effectively clean your garage, you should try sorting through the whole mess of items that have been stacked up in your garage over time. Take everything out onto the driveway and sort it out into junk to be thrown away, usable things and things that are needed. Some of the items can be donated or sold off, which can pay for repairs and upgrades (see list of Repairs, below).

  1. Organize Your Garage

Most people throw stuff onto the garage floor, rather than organize it, wasting a lot of space. One of the best ways to organize the garage is to add new shelving and cabinets. Especially vertically, on the walls, an often overlooked space for storage. Shelving can be used to store tools and other small things such as cans of paint, wax and oil among other things, freeing up a LOT of garage floor space. Bicycles and larger tools can be hang on the walls, too, using hooks.

  1. Clean Your Garage Space

If the garage space has not been cleaned in a while, it will have a lot of litter, dirt and dust. Begin by sweeping the floor and vacuuming to remove any dust, insects and cobwebs that may have accumulated on the walls, floors, work benches and shelves. They can be wiped with a damp or wet cloth dipped in detergent, to remove dust.

  1. Clean Your Garage Floor

oil dry

Most garage floors are made of cement or concrete and as such, they are easy to clean as they do not require a lot of special care. First, start by removing oils if any have spilled. Use Oil Dry or a similar absorbent for that.

After removing oil, an easy way to clean the garage floor is to simply use a hose pipe with a nozzle that has a powerful spray. Start from the back of the garage and spray the dirt towards the door and then sweep out the water with a broom. Leave the garage door open for some time to speed up drying.

  1. How to Keep Oil Off of your Garage Floor

Oil spills can are usually present on the garage floor. Place an aborbent, fireproof mat under each of your cars to catch any drips. Keep your oil containers tightly covered and avoid placing them directly on the floor, especially after pouring, since the spill-offs may stain the floor. In case of an accidental oil spill, you can remove the stain by scrubbing it off with hot water and detergent.

Repair Tips

Once you’ve gotten rid of unnecessary junk and cleaned house, it’s time to spruce things up.

  1. Refurbish The Walls and Ceiling

If your garage walls have not been repainted in a while and paint is peeling off, you can refurbish them with a paint job. Scrap off any peeling paint and repaint the walls. For a ceiling that is sagging or partially damaged due to moisture, you can cut off the damaged part and replace it, or you can put up a new ceiling altogether.

  1. Attend to Your Garage Door 

The garage door may fail to close smoothly over time. If this happens, try to clean it the tracks and realign them. Also, check to ensure that the mounting brackets holding the door tracks to the wall are tight and if loose, tighten the bolts.

  1. Replace Garage Door Panels

replacing door panels

Garage door panels serious wear and tear over time and can fail, which introduces costly drafts and often just looks bad. Replacing the entire garage door panel – or parts of it that are not working properly – will improve the functionality of and beauty of your garage door. To repair it, it’s usually best to hire a professional. If you must do it yourself, ensure that you have the tools and skills to complete the job. A good place to do that is GarageDoorRepair123.com, which has a ton of DIY videos and instructions suitable for use on your mobile phone and tablet.

  1. Adjust the Garage Door Light Sensor

Garage Door Opener Sensor

An automatic garage door is highly convenient but over time, the garage door light sensor may not work properly, compromising its functionality. To fix the sensors, check for and remove any obstacles between them. If the sensors are misaligned, unplug and then re-plug the garage door opener to reset them. Sensors may also fail to work when they are dirty, or covered in grime and dust. In such a situation, you will definitely need to clean them.

  1. Re-seal Garage Door from the Elements

garage door seal

The rubber seal on the garage door that prevents it from weather elements such as cold and heat will wear out over time. Re-sealing the garage door will ensure that the garage is protected from weather. This can be done by stripping off the old sealing and fitting in a new sealing. The best option is usually a tubular rubber which can be nailed in or fixed with an adhesive.

(HT to GarageDoorRepair123 for the repair tips!)

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