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Top 5 Robotic Pool Cleaners

Top 5 Robotic Pool Cleaners

For many homeowners and households who have their own pool, they struggle to clean it themselves and hire a pool cleaning company which ends up costing a lot. However, with prices continuing to rise for pool cleaning services, most people today don’t have the extra cash to continue to spend on this.  It can seem like forever when it comes to cleaning pools, this is where robotic pool cleaners are useful.

What are the top 5 robotic pool cleaners available today?

The Dolphin Triton Cleaner

The Dolphin is a bigger robotic pool cleaner but it is also a very smart and ingenious designed tool which comes with a host of nifty features like programmable cleaning, excellent wall cleaning, and an auto-float feature. It will appeal to those who have larger pools that need to be cleaned fast. This one remains popular even for 2019.

The Robot XT5 Robotic Pool Cleaner

This model is one of the best there is because it’s fast to work and very effective. The Robot XT5 is probably best for residential pools so, smaller pools that don’t go over ten meters or so in length. However, this is a fabulous option to consider and it does have this great suction power so most people will find it very simple and easy to use. Cleaning pools with this Robot XT5 shouldn’t be too troublesome.

Top 5 Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Dynamic Prox2 Pool Cleaner

The Dynamic Prox2 is actually a very smart looking cleaner. It’s very fast and it is going to be very effective too so that is, of course, a plus point but this is really going to be for bigger pools. The model is best for professional pool cleaners however but it can still be used by a homeowner too as long as they know what they’re doing of course. However, this is a smart robotic pool cleaner and it has features such as a clogged filter indicator that keeps things simple to use.

The 3001 C Pool Cleaner

This is one of the newer models available but it is just as good as some of the first cleaners out there. This comes with an automatic pool cleaner wave filter vacuum which basically filters out all of the dirt from the pool. This robotic pool cleaner is actually very impressive looking and it does the job without taking up too much time too which is always helpful.

The XT7 Pool Cleaner

This model comes with a gyroscopic system so that it will scan the pool as well as an engine duel drive system. The XT7 is going to be a good tool to use no matter how large or small the pool may be and good for professional cleaners as well. Cleaning pools with this will be fast and very effective as well so there shouldn’t be too much trouble with this model.

Which Is The One For You?

These are a few of the top 5 cleaners out there, there are plenty more for you to choose from. It may seem like a tough choice but, to be honest, most cleaners are good enough to do the job. It might all depend on how much someone has to spend. However, robotic pool cleaners are useful to have so why not consider choosing one of these to keep your pool clean and dirt free.

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