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What Everyone Should Know Before Buying A Humidifier Or Dehumidifier

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Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers for Home Use

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers are two of the leading appliances that have grown significantly in popularity over the past five years. More often than not, homeowners can benefit from having both in their homes! This article will explain why.

What Humidifiers Do

Humidifiers work by increasing the humidity levels in the home. Water vapor is emitted into the air, filling the home with added moisture.

Location and Humidifiers

Living in a desert location live Las Vegas, Nevada can really dry out one’s skin. The humidity levels are so low that lips can get chapped easily and skin is prone to peeling. By letting the humidifier put water into the air, people will often report having smoother skin and less hair breakagehumidifiers

Other Reasons One Might Need a Humidifier

In Winter the air gets colder and does not hold as much moisture as before. It’s common for some people to get nose bleeds especially if they’ve been running their heater. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends maintaining a twenty-five to forty percent humidity level during colder months.

Essential oils have been proven to have a direct on mood. If the homeowner wants to diffuse a fragrance using his humidifier, he will need to refer to his manual first. Some models are for water use only.

What Dehumidifiers Do

Dehumidifiers are designed to reduce excess moisture levels in the home. They work by sucking up air from the home and removing water particles before releasing it back into the air.

Location and Dehumidifiers

The location of the residence plays a huge role in how necessary it is to have a dehumidifier in the home. Homes situated near the coast are often really humid. Miami, Florida is a great example. Located in the center of the Panhandle on the Atlantic shoreline, “the gateway to the Americas” remains hot and humid almost year round. The average humidity ranges between forty-eighdehumidifierst and ninety-six percent. Very rarely the humidity has been seen to drop below thirty-five percent. During summertime, it is not surprising to see the humidity reach one hundred percent. Step outside for more than a minute and anyone will likely need a rag to wipe down their face and skin.

Opening the doors to go in and out of the home and opening up the windows to feel the refreshing ocean breeze are ways that the humidity can get into the home. During summertime, the Environmental Protection Agency advises homeowners to maintain indoor humidity conditions below sixty percent. This can be difficult unless someone in the home puts a dehumidifier to use.

Miami is a great example of an outdoor environment with consistently high humidity. People living in the tropics aren’t the only ones who could benefit from having a dehumidifier, however. It’s extremely rare to find a residence that couldn’t use a dehumidifier sometimes.

Rooms That Often Need a Dehumidifier

Modern kitchens usually come with a vent above the stove. This is not just for eliminating strong odors from garlic and onions. It is there to help get rid of too much moisture in thDehumidifiere air from boiling water in a pot or a coffeemaker.

The vent typically does a good job of this, but can’t get out all the humidity by itself. By using a dehumidifier, the cook can keep unwanted vapor from getting on wooden cabinets. Worse, water droplets can collect over the oven and fall into the food he is preparing!

Bathrooms often come with a vent too, but ordinarily, the vents are no match for the humidity created inside. Running a shower or a hot bath can fill the room with water vapor. This warm, damp environment presents the perfect home for mold and mildew. That’s one of the reasons why mold and mildew removers are a household item! By letting the dehumidifier run during and after a hot soak, the homeowner can prevent an overabundance of humidity.

Why a Dehumidifier May Not Be a Necessity

Not everyone lives in an area that gets humid. Not everyone cooks at home or enjoys hot showers.

Statistically, men who live alone do less cooking and prefer a warm shower to a piping hot one. A bachelor that never steps out of the bath to a fogged up mirror probably won’t need a dehumidifier.

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